Rider Profile:

Jon Johnson


Ontario, Canada

What type(s) of riding o you enjoy?

Snowkiting and free riding – maybe a little free style

What makes your homespun so special?

Sauble Beach and Oliphant on Lake Huron are my home spots. Oliphant is butter flat, a good place to learn. Sauble Beach has good waves; lots of room and a really short walk from my in-laws cottage.

What wind conditions do you enjoy most?

I love any wind that gets me riding.

What gear are you rocking?

I have an INFINITY for light wind and snow kiting and a 12 SCREAMER 4G. The SCREAMER is an amazing kite that definitely lives up to it’s name. Big airs, upwind with

no problems and relaunches with ease. The INFINITY is an amazing kite for me in the winter because it will fly with the least amount of wind and since the snow doesn’t offer much resistance, I get a lot of sessions when you’d think that wind would be too light.

Favorite tricks:

Favorite trick is pulling big airs… and landing them.

Best wipeout story:

I was up at Oliphant and I only had one kite with me, it was just a little bit too windy for the 12 but I wanted to go out so I had a local launch it for me. He said that the 12 is a little big. I told him that I’d be fine – famous last words. The next thing I knew I was lofted going towards the road when the hand the God reached up and grab my harness and brought me back down to the ground. The local guy told me that my kite is for a 300-pound man in these conditions and that I should land it, which we did! I went in to the shop in Sauble and bought a 91meter and had a much better session. Lesson learned.

Why Epic?

I had the opportunity to go to North Carolina a few years ago where I met Dimitri (super cool guy)and try the epic kites for the first time. They just felt good to me. Very stylish and addressed my growing riding and performance needs. Here is a picture of my soon to be Epic