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WARNING: do not buy another kite until you've tried an EPIC KITE

Epic Kites produces quality kiteboarding equipment for a variety of needs and riding styles. We offer a wide array of kiteboard gear and accessories such as high performance kites, surfboards, twin tips, harnesses and luggage. Check out all of our products and see why our gear is right for you.

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All of our products are high performing and built with the utmost quality and care. Our kites include the altitude driven Screamer, the versatile and super fun Renegade, the wave crunching Surf and the safety minded Junior Pro for the younger rider. We carry a board line of four twin tips. The high performing Spartan for strong wind and powered moves, to the Droid which offers maximum versatility. The light wind Oxygen can be a great compliment to any quiver while the Junior Pro board will keep the young riders progressing with it’s forgiving nature. The REEF surfboard comes in 6’ and 5’7” sizes. The larger is geared towards big and powered wave riding while the 5’7” size is optimized for fun in smaller, mushy waves. All of our products come with a promise to customer that is second to none. We also offer the most comfortable harness on the market, packed with features like the hook knife/key holder. With all this great gear, you’ll need to bring it all with you on those great kite destination trips like Paros Greece. Browse our vast line of travel and luggage accessories to keep your rig in top shape.