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DIMITRI MARAMENIDES Professional Kiteboarder

Epic Kites, a family owned company, began with two simple, but extraordinary goals. To create unique, top of the line, high performance kiteboarding products, and back those products with customer service that is unparalleled in the industry. Dimitri Maramenides, often hailed as the hardest working man in kiteboarding, and wife Helen Trotman, operate Epic Kites in conjunction with a talented team of professionals. This team values customers and their demand for equipment that meets their riding requirements, and service that exceeds their expectation – each and every time.

While we spend a lot of time meeting our customers through relentless global demos, our headquarters is located in the beautiful, and forever windy Outer Banks in North Carolina. This location offers a breadth of riding and testing conditions and receives visitors from all over the world allowing us central access to rider feedback.

Our 5th generation brings some exciting change and new additions to our family of products. Our beloved Renegade received additional boosting and hang time, while the renowned Screamer gets a faster turn and improved low end for pop and huge boosting. As our kids are growing, so too is our Junior Pro line that now comes in both 4 and 8-meter sizes. Our Surf kite is still setting the benchmark for the true wave riding experience. The light wind Infinity boasts some enhanced lift, upwind drive and turns 15% faster than the earlier model. The Screamer 5G 10-meter Limited Edition has really come of age with a very smooth and powerful platform. The Renegade 5G 13-meter Limited Edition now enjoys great upwind performance, nearly auto relaunch and a lively feel. All of our kites are designed with high quality materials, reinforced construction processes and large diameter inflation systems (Speed Valve Inflation System) to get you on the water faster. You’ll also appreciate the dramatic and stunning graphic change that has been applied to all of our models. Our line of twin tips and surfboards compliment all of our kites, rider abilities and styles. This season, we also welcome the Epic Inflatable Stand Up Paddleboard series that is available in 10’0” and 9’0” sizes. These are top of the line paddleboards designed to withstand the abuse of river, wave and kite riding for maximum enjoyment and progression. We offer a very wide rage of kiteboarding and related products. Please visit our product pages for a complete listing and details.

Through popular demand, we’ve enhanced our demo program where interested riders can receive a demo kite shipped right to their door. This is ideal for riders in remote locations with little access to shops or testing facilities. If you are interested in obtaining a 5G product for demo, please email dimitri@epickites.com