Spartan V3 Board

WARNING: do not buy another kite until you tried an EPIC KITE
Spartan V3 Board Front
Spartan V3 Board Back
Spartan V3 Board Side
ABOUT Spartan V3 Board

This is the 3rd edition of our amazing freestyle board called the "SPARTAN (V3)". This board measures 129 x 39 cm and is meant to be ridden aggressively for optimum performance. This wood core board sports a concave bottom, ABS rails, 2D steps and flexible tips for explosive pop and ultimate efficiency. We've incorporated grab rails for those that like to poke out their grabs or enjoy getting a grip on floaty board-off's. No expense was spared in construction for this super light weight ride which will have you railing your carves, driving upwind and popping like never before. To help with the insane height, we've added a large sweet spot for controlled and super soft landings. The Spartan comes with our newly designed adjustable foot straps and pads that are made to perfectly balance comfort and grip.

The name Spartan says it all – designed by Dimitri Maramenides to take the abuse of his extreme riding style and deliver consistent performance! It delivers a perfect mix of grip and control for his special brand of riding that include board off's, insane height, big loops and spins. The Spartan is versatile and is geared to send you big no matter what your riding style is. You'll throw up massive spray in the turns, and load much more for better pop, but be able to ride smooth and break loose when commanded. The Spartan is the freestyle weapon for today's riding. Get ready to ride like a pro.


Spartan V3 Board Features

Spartan V3 board key features:

  • Size: 129x39
  • Full wood core, triple glass laminate, and reinforced with a secret Epic ingredient
  • Ultra light redesigned EVA memory pads with fast locking system. (see video)
  • 5 angle setting for the Pad depending to match any stance preference. (see video)
  • 3 forward or backward settings for placement flexibility (see video)
  • Comfortable redesigned adjustable straps with plate pads and contoured toe grip
  • 2 different stance options
  • ABS rails
  • 2 step up levels with thinner rails then the V2
  • 5mm concave bottom
  • G10, 4 cm fins (4)
  • 3.8 lbs / 1.73 kg board only
  • V shape grab rail for boards off or wake style grabs
  • Ergonomic grab handle for crazy board off’s

Designed for:

Intermediate to pro level riders who want to take their riding to the next level. Dimitri Maramenides who weighs 180 lbs uses the Spartan in 20 to 40+++ mph wind speeds. Lighter riders can take advantage of winds in the neighborhood of 16 to 35 mph. Small riders also love this board due to its control and size.

Spartan V3 Board DETAILS

  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board
  • Spartan V3 Board