Epic Kites Kiteboarding Videos

WARNING: do not buy another kite until you tried an EPIC KITE

Grab and drink and tune in to our video section. We’ve covered everything from stunning action sequences to detailed how to videos. Learn all about our products or how to pull the biggest air of your life. Keep checking back for updated videos like our ‘How to boost big air’ or How to Megaloop’ tutorials. You’ll also notice how good young Cameron Marameides is getting. This boy can rock!

Our video section is chock-full of entertaining shorts that will get you even more excited about riding and learning new things all over again. Share the stoke of our worldly adventures in places like Greece and Brazil, or hear what local riders experience at an Epic demo in our testimonial section. You can also find out details about our kiteboarding products and travel accessories to address your every question. Be sure to check back often as Dimitri is always updating our action packed video content.