Dimitri Maramenides' - Top 10 Winter GetawaysDimitri Maramenides' - Top 10 Winter GetawaysDimitri Maramenides' - Top 10 Winter Getaways

Dimitri Maramenides has spent over two decades travelling the world’s most spectacular riding locations. Check out what his top 10 favorite winter spots are and why he loves them.

10. Maui

One of kiteboarding’s legendary locations. Steeped in beauty and kite history, Maui has been well documented over the years. Warm waters and consistent daily wind makes it an easy draw. Lower Kanaha – AKA, Kitebeach sees the strongest winds between April and September and has a large beach and kite specific launch area. When riding there you’re guaranteed to see a spectacular display of skills.

9. Baja California, Mexico

Many dedicated riders make Baja an annual pilgrimage for the winter months. The village of Los Barriles is a popular spot on the Sea of Cortez. Riders of all abilities will enjoy the size of the location and launch area. Beginners will enjoy the consistent conditions and water temps while the wave seekers will enjoy the shore break. Baja is home to some impressive sea life, but be sure not to interrupt the nesting sea turtles. The daily 20 knot winds are a result of thermal conditions, but a shorty and warm clothes is essential for the cooler nights. Baja is host to the popular Lord of the Wind event usually in January.

8. Aruba

Aruba is likely the island with the most consistent winds, warm water year round and boasts the lowest rainfall making it ideal for kiting. There are several kite spots ranging from flat water to some pretty amazing waves. The average wind speed year round is 20 knots. Fisherman’s Huts at Palm Beach is the most popular spot but is gusty due to the high rise hotels in the area. At the very bottom of the southeast side of the island is Boca Grandi Beach and is a kiteboarding dream with white sand, side on wind and small chop.

7. Union Island, The Grenadines

Union Island is not the easiest to get to, but well worth the effort. With it’s strong trade winds, perfect beaches and crystal clear aqua water, it’s hard to resist. December through June offers consistent winds daily between 17-24 knots on average. Take advantage of the boat charters and explore hidden riding spots where Dimitri usually works on product photos that offer a unique perspective. Big Sand is the premiere wave riding spot on the island while Tobago Cays is a must for the rich and abundant sea life that includes the Leatherback Turtle.

6. South Africa

South Africa is known for strong consistent winds from November to March where a 6-9-meter kites are required. Cape Town is the most popular riding spot and sits below the iconic Table Mountain. Dimitri is right at home in these strong conditions and enjoys the intense wave riding as well as the flat water sessions in nearby Langabaan Lagoon (1.5 hrs. from Cape Town). Several years back Dimitri was invited on behalf of Greece to participate in the Red Bull Iron Man where running, cycling, hang gliding and kiting were included disciplines. Dimitri endured the kiting segment with skill and power.

5. Barbados, West Indies

Barbados is home to some of the best waves on the planet with the Soup Bowl being renowned by pro surfer Kelly Slater who popularized the spot. These reef breaks require the mind of an advanced rider, but newer riders can take advantage of Surfer’s Point where the sets break in deeper water. Silver Rock beach is where most of the kiting action takes place and enjoys great launch space, strong winds and super warm water year round. Closer to shore, twin tip riders can take advantage of the natural kickers, where directional riders can travel a little further out to enjoy the bigger break. All of the beaches in Barbados are rarely crowded, have public access and the island itself offers amazing cultural experiences.

4. Puerto Rico

Dimitri makes a point of visiting Puerto Rico once a year with his son Cameron for a surfing vacation. Often referred to as the ‘Hawaii of the Atlantic, the west coast town of Rincón’s beaches are consistently picked among the best in the world and regularly host top ranking surf competitions. Ocean Park, near San Juan is one of the best kiting locations on the island. The strong trade winds are consistent, and it’s home to several kite schools where you can even rent gear. The island is loaded with spots and Dimitri is always willing to give you a ‘lay of the land’ tour.

3. Brazil

Most pro riders have some pretty crazy stories about the first trips to Brazil, and Dimitri is no different. After days of intense riding, the group set out to shoot photos and ended up driving a car down the face of a huge dune while Dimitri kited down, doing loops. There was an unforeseen wind shadow and Dimitri hit bottom so hard that he was knocked out. It resulted in some amazing photos, and after healing Dimitri returned to partake in all the untouched terrain that Brazil has to offer.

2. Dominican Republic

Cabarete is synonymous with kiteboarding and home to several kiteboarding events including the PKRA stop. The warm water offers a variety of terrains from flat water to chop to waves out on the reef providing riders of all levels and interests something akin to their taste. Cabarete is home to many hotels so you can stay close to the beach and not require a rental car, but why not rent a car or hire a taxi and explore some lesser known spots. Dimitri loves to host demos here due to the popularity of Kite Beach for locals and tourists alike.

1. Turks and Caicos

The Turks offers an extensive variety of locations for photo shoots and is a frequently visited spot. Dimitri has been visiting before there was any kite scene there and scouted what are now the hot spots. Long Bay was once considered remote but is now one of the busier riding spots on the island with shallow waters and winds ranging around 15-25 knots from November through to July. Chalk Sound is also another stellar spot, but if you want the best experience, book with an adventure company and get to riding locations that are Epic and off the beaten path.



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