Hurricane Florence

The beautiful Outer Banks, North Carolina, is one of kiteboarding's premiere locations and a famed travel destination. It's also famous for another reason - hurricanes.

The Outer Banks is at risk of receiving turbulent weather from June through November with the threat increasing during the months of August and September. Infrastructure and residents have adapted and become resilient to these weather conditions and often take it in stride.

Dimitri Maramenides Hurricane

Managing a kite business in an area where weather can play a factor requires a degree of being prepared. Product needs to be elevated in the event of flooding, or ready to be moved if an evacuation is called. With customer service being the most important pillar in our business, orders need to be fulfilled in a timely manner. 

Hurricane Florence was set to be a significant force, and while damage was caused in the region, the Epic offices were largely missed. Our thoughts go out to those that were less fortunate, and we will endeavor to assist our neighbors however we can.

Kiting during Hurricane Florence 

Dimitri is never one to pass up an opportunity to show off his tenacity in the face of approaching weather – putting his products to the true test. While Dimitri has the experience and skill to ride in extremely windy conditions, it's a calculated effort. View the video and see how he describes the experience.