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Published on May 6, 2017, 6:04 p.m.

Having a STOPPER Ball on your bar is an essential tool for different reasons. But not a lot of Stopper Ball works the way they should. The Epic Stopper Ball is an integral par of our control bar and provides optimum safety and control. When designing this component, we understand that it needs to operate as expected when both wet and dry given that these conditions have different friction points. The Stopper Ball is an ideal solution to manage; bar throw length, safety, amount of available depower and be easy to use and push through. We’re not all built the same. Riders with shorter arms can utilize the stopper ball by moving it closer to the rider and set depower needs using the straps. This keeps the kite properly tuned while having control at your finger tips. Advanced riders can move the stopper ball toward the bar to manage accidental kite depower when doing or learning advanced tricks. Even when boosting, it allows for easier one handed kite control. An often overlooked use is self launching. With the chicken loop tethered to a solid object, the Epic Stopper Ball can be used to keep light tension on the back lines. This will prevent the kite from falling over if the wind has a slight drop. Once at the bar, move the stopper bar all the way back in the event of an emergency until you’re launched and safely on the water. When riding, the stopper ball’s position can be modified either by using your hand to push it away, or by pushing the bar outward until the Stopper Ball is at it’s designed location. The Epic Stopper Ball is installed on all of our control bars but can also be purchased independently and customize your personal bar. Please see our video for further details.


THE EPIC STOPPER BALL - with Epic Kites Kiteboarding


  • Dimitri & Tiger head to head foil training for tomorrow’s Foil competitions in St Martin. @tiger___tyson #foilkitingboard #foiling #epickites #epickiteskiteboarding
  • Dimitri taking off in Saint Martin ready for an epic session before going for foiling. #epickites #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #stmartinisland
  • Getting ready to go to St Martin for the Caribbean Foil Champions.  In this TRANSPORTER GOLF BAG V2 bags I was able to pack 1 Foil Camet board + 2 wings + 2 masts + 4 foil kites + 4 race bars + 1 Twin Tip + Screamer 9 & 12 m kite + 2 bars + 2 harnesses + few more small things like my speedos and so on.... 😏👍 #epickites #kitesurfing #foilkiting #kitefoiling
  • Pro Rider and owner of EPIC KITES, having an epic time on the SCREAMER 9m 😏👍. #nickmandalouphotos @nickmandalou #epickites #kitesurfing #kiteboardingphotography
  • Dimitrii forgot to use some sunscreen so he used his board as a shade 😏👍 #dennisaxer #epickites #epickiteboarding #kitesurfing @dennis.axer
  • Owner of EPICKITES, Dimitri Maramenides having an epic time yesterday on his Screamer 12 kite and Droid board. #epickiteskiteboarding #kitesurfing #kiteboarding
  • If you are a Kiteboarder or interested in getting into kiteboarding, then check WWW.EPICKITES.COM for our 2020 sale we have.  This will  last only for one week. #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #kiting
  • My view of “Le Mont Blanc” in the French Alps.  Getting ready to snowboard. #frenchalps #snowboarding #epickites
  • Had an epic time in the Keys Florida. Decided to take a two day trip with my Florida rep Jeff and friend Tim and get some action videos/photos but once we got to the beach kiters wanted to demo the EPICKITES which led to few sales after they were done demoing them. #epickites #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #epickiteboarding
  • Dimitri Maramenides getting ready for an epic session in Fort a Pierce Florida. #epickites #kitesurfing #dimitrimaramenides #fortpierceflorida
  • Waiting for my turn while Nisael the owner of the KITEBAR restaurant/bar here in Cabarete is having an epic time on the SCREAMER 14 and DROID board. @the_kiterspot #epickites #kitesurfing
  • Having breakfast at Cabarete Kite club before going kiting #cabaretekiteclub #elcocotazocafe #epickites #kiteboarding #cabarete
  • Just so you know this is not what the DIMITRI BOOT CAMP is all about. He had to pay extra for this 😏👍#epickites #kitesurfing #dimitribootcamp @blastkiteboarding #gustavschmiegephotography
  • Big EPICKITES sale.
  • Owner of EPICKITES Dimitri Maramenides having an epic evening session on his new CAMET board, new OZONE 15m kite, new GROOVE  bar and CHUBANGA foil.
  • Choosing the perfect gear is always a good thing to be happy about.  WWW.EPICKITES.COM #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #dogs #dogstagram
  • Focus and determination.  Zeus the dog having an epic session kitesurfing on the RENEGADE 7m and DROID board. This is what I call an epic dog’s life. #epickites #dogsofinstagram #dogs #kitesurfingworld #crazydog
  • Zeus the kiteboarding dog getting ready for an afternoon epic session on his EPICKITES quiver. #kitesurfing #kiteboarding #epickites #dogsofinstagram #dogs
  • Owner of EPICKITES Dimitri Maramenides having an epic day at work on his SCREAMER 12 m kite + DROID board and not forget his HYPERFLEX Wet Suit 🥶🥶#epicgames #epickites #dimitrimaramenides #kitesurfing #workingdad #hyperflexusa
  • Just received my new CHUBANGA race foil (Mast + Wing). #epickites #epickiteboarding #dogs #chubanga #leecheyeglasse