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Epic Kites Kiteboarding Gear

Our 5G kite line is packed with innovative features like our new Speed Valve Inflation system. Our kites go through a relentless development process ensuring that they perform to the highest standard. The Screamer 5G moves faster through the wind window, has increased stability but still retains sinus popping altitude. The Renegade 5G gets a boost in height and hang time giving it even more versatility, but still has the low end you’ve come to love. The Surf gobbles up the most intimidating of waves and offers a kitesurf experience unlike any other kite out there. Heralded as a breakthrough design by many industry publications and rider reviews. For the young guns, the forgiving Junior Pro will have them progressing in a fun and safe manner. Our Limited Edition line sees the Screamer 5G 10 meter Limited Edition as a super refined kite that offers a little more snap and pizazz than the other sizes, while the Renegade 5G 13 meter Limited Edition is built like a smaller version of the Infinity giving average sized riders a great choice for lighter days. For the really light wind days, explore the light wind Infinity. This kite has been a top seller in the light wind category due to it’s nimble steering, magnificent low end, fast turning speed and easy relaunch. Why now maximize your riding time with this kite and never wonder if it’s windy enough again?

Renegade 5G

5G Renegade 13 LTD

6G Renegade Infinity V5

5G Renegade Infinity V4

Screamer 5G

5G Screamer 10 LTD

5G Screamer Greek LTD


Junior PRO V2