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Rider Profile: Mira Ptacek

Epic team rider and Czechoslovakian native Mira Ptacek (Miroslav) began his fascination with kiteboarding after seeing people riding waves on the ocean side of the OBX. “I told myself I need to do the same thing like those guys, riding waves!” he recalls with excitement.

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Surviving Boot Camp in Brazil

You guys have heard about Humpty Dumpty right? The poor sucker that fell off the wall and needed to be put back together? Well, I’m the doctor that keeps putting the modern day Humpty Dumpty – Dimitri Maramenides, back together again. His stunts and big airs are not for the faint of heart, but when you push your limits at that level, altitude, and duration — you’re bound to get some bumps, bruises, gashes and hospital trips along the way. I mean, how many riders travel with a medical staff?

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14-year-old shines in professional kiting world

Dimitri Maramenides took to the sport more than 20 years ago and is now passing the torch to his son Cameron.

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Customer Service – Greek style

Epic has a very clear vision for customer service – Simply to provide the best customer experience and service in the industry – bar none. Nikos Kalaitzian, Epic’s representative in Greece is a prime example of going above and beyond, each and every time. While this sounds like a great effort, it’s something that comes with ease, based on a deep passion for the sport, community and products.

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Take better photos – Pro tips from photographer Charles Ash

Let’s face it, very few of us have kite photos that reflect the stoke and essence of the experience. Most of us have a pretty feeble collection at best. We’re here to change that! We partnered with North Carolina local, Charles Ash who has been providing professional photo and video services for extreme sports for over 18 years.

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