Twin Tip Racing - Cameron in Cabarete

Cameron Maramenides faced an incredibly competitive field of riders chasing Olympic Qualifier positions for the Youth Olympic Games. It was so intense that everything literally hinged on the last race of the event. 

To put this into perspective, the top three riders came into the last heat with 1.1 points between them. The strong winds filled in and played played to the advantage of the riders for the final rounds. In that last race, Tiger Tyson (Antigua) came into the first marker in fourth place while Cameron got involved in a tangle dropping him to third. Tiger, Cameron and Dominican Republic’sAdeuri Corniel had been battling hard all week and trading spots on the leaderboard. After the last heat, Corniel and Cameron were tied for points but Conriel was awarded second place overall on a count back allowing Cameron a solid third place. Tiger took the win by 0.1 points. It doesn’t get closer than that. Congratulations to all the athletes, their accomplishments, dedication and hard work. It was a spectacular event with the closest racing witnessed to date.