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Tom Butler

Home spot:

Porthcawl, South wales, UK.

Years riding:

12 years

What is it about kiting that keeps you coming back for more? :

A number of different things have kept me kitesurfing for so long, the diversity of disciplines, the great people, seeing the coastline in a unique way and travelling to new spots are all up there but none come close to hucking a biggie when it`s blowing 40 knots.

What is your favourite trick and what are a few that you're working on?

I got pretty tired of doing handle passes the last few years but since spending a season in Perth, WA and spending time on the water with some of the top dogs of the VKWC I have got new hunger to learn new unhooked tricks and push my level in that way when the conditions are right. I love doing kiteloop/megaloop variations (whether unhooked or not) as the ‘wang’ is unlike anything else out there.

What conditions do you thrive in?

35+ knots, cross shore from the right, big kickers and a 7m screamer on 20’s ooooofffffff

You've been to Greece recently with Epic - any road trip stories you'd like to share?

I have been to Greece recently with EPIC and while there are many stories – I do not wish to share them… they would give you nightmares.

Why Epic?

That is a very good question. Dimitri is loud, endlessly pranking/videoing/photoing at the least appropriate times, he will drive you mad and he is downright crazyyyyyy BUT he is a guy that is extremely passionate, driven and customer focused beyond anything I have seen in any company in and out of kitesurfing. Epic is keeping it small and doing it right, it is like being part of a (very crazy) family.


Tom Butler Epic Kites Kiteboarding Rider

Tom Butler Epic Kites Kiteboarding Rider

Tom Butler Epic Kites Kiteboarding Rider


Tom Butler Epic Kites Kiteboarding Rider