14-year-old shines in professional kiting world

MANATEE COUNTY - A father and son duo are taking the kite surfing world by storm. - 14-year-old shines at kite surfing - Teen working to inspire other kids to get outside - Cameron and dad run kite surfing company in Manatee Dimitri Maramenides took to the sport more than 20 years ago and is now passing the torch to his son Cameron. Cameron started on his father's back at 18 months old and is now the youngest professional kite surfer in the world at just 14. He actually became a pro at the age of 9. "I started as a kid and I hope that I inspire other kids to do the sport I love," Cameron said.

14-year-old shines in professional kiting world jump

Cameron is now giving other kids the same experience he had. When Cameron and his dad aren't competing around the world, they run a kite surfing company out of Manatee County and are on a mission to get kids out of the house. "You see instead of playing video games, Nintendos, being on cell phones, just go out and have fun," said Cameron. "I was always active as a kid. I was never in the house or anything. I was either outside surfing or kiting or just playing tennis or soccer. So that's why I hope to encourage kids to do that."  Essentially a kid himself, Cameron is someone these children can look up to.