You check the forecast but you never know… do you leave your 9 meter at home and hope you don’t need it? We all know that never works out. With the TRANSPORTER, you’ll never have to ask this question again – bring it all!


This lightweight monster will carry more gear that you own! It cleverly splits in two halves making packing and unpacking that much easier and more fun. We’ve made it a light weight solution to avoid baggage charges as much as possible. Make travelling to the beach easier by simply packing one bag in the car. Or if you’re going half way across the globe, bring everything you own, cause you just never know when you’ll need something. The Transporter can handle approx 10 kites, 2 twin tips, 3 to 4 bars and a few other essential items like your swim trunks. Heck, bring your dog! Once at your destination, unzip the top ½ and use it as a gear bag for the short trips. This is the one travel bag that will do everything. The TRANSPORTER is made using quality materials and workmanship. Not only is it large enough to hold your gear, we’ve built it smartly so that it holds up for years to come. What are you waiting for? Book that trip!


TRANSPORTER measurements:
Small bag: 3.2 lbs 143 cm L / 50 cm W / 15 cm H
Big bag: 11.1 lbs 148 cm L / 55 cm W / 25 cm H

Video of

This video is about how much kite equipment you want to take with you when you travel. This bag comes in 2 partitions. You can put at least 10 kites and 2 Twin Tips inside these both bags or 8 kites and 3 Twin Tips. But again it depends where you are going and how much kite equipment you want to bring with you on your trip.